Look to the Mountain is an outdoor experiential education program that has been created to help students discover their individual path to success by restoring hope.


The objectives for the program include:

  1. Community development based on trust between teacher and students, and amongst the students;

  2. Conflict resolution; to teach non-violent communication and to learn how to deal with conflicts in positive way;

  3. Open and honest dialogue, workshops and game initiatives that delve into topics that are critical to youth development, including sexuality, substance abuse, racism, diversity, bullying, etc…

  4. Building character, improving motivation, developing skill and physical and emotional wellness through canoe and backpacking trips, working on a farm and conducting field work in our local watershed;

  5. Serving others by becoming contributing community members;

  6. Learning about nutrition and healthy cooking;

  7. Working with animals as a way to connect to the environment and to reconnect with their own beauty and goodness;

  8. Mentoring younger students at the Learning Centre in order to eliminate prejudices, to help out academically and to be a friend and role model to others in need;

  9. Violence and drug prevention;

  10. Drop out prevention.