Outdoor Experiential Education

Why Outdoor Experiential Education (OEE)?

We feel that our students have promising futures and have much to look forward to! Because acquiring numeracy and literacy has become an added stress and an addition to the numerous problems and difficulties these adolescents face, we want to give our students the opportunity to experience success. Look to the Mountain students will learn by doing both in and outdoors which will help us teach the diverse learning strengths that make up our student body.

“Look to the Mountain turned out to be really great because we got to be outside in nature and not always inside in a classroom. I found that learning outdoors about soil, trees, camping and lakes was awesome. I learned that you don’t need an expensive camper or RV to go camping. With basic stuff you can have fun. I learned just as much outside as I have in all my years at high school, but it was way more meaningful. Now I want to come back for year 2 and stay in school because education has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It actually feels cool to be in school!”

With the wide use of technology (computer, television, mp3 player and cell phone) our youth are spending more time indoors than ever and thus are becoming more disconnected from the natural world. Being in the outdoors has been proven to improve emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. OEE allows us to teach in a way which students will learn by their mistakes using “teachable moments” and will allow us to celebrate their strengths through the varied ways of teaching that can take place in the outdoors.